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Namibia Nature Tours

Join us for an exciting journey through the natural wonders of Namibia. "UGO TRAVEL offers you a unique ten-day adventure that will take you from the vast red dunes of the Kalahari Desert to the spectacular landscapes of Sossusvlei, and into the heart of the wild sanctuary of Etosha National Park. Each destination reveals a facet of Namibia's rich ecosystem, offering moments of awe and tranquility. From eco-friendly lodges to exciting safaris and cultural insights, this tour is more than just a journey - it's a deep immersion into the wild splendor of Africa. UGO TRAVEL invites you to tread gently upon this land and to bring back tales of its wonders. Discover Namibia with us – where every turn is a story, and every sunrise a promise of yet another extraordinary day.

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Transfer from Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH]to Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia

Visiting the Kalahari: These walks are ideal for exploring the Kalahari Desert This wildlife game drive, lasting approximately 3 hours, either in the morning or at sunset, with panoramic views of the Kalahari dunes, is an unforgettable experience.

The Kalahari Basin covers most of Botswana and large parts of Namibia and South Africa. The name Kalahari means ‘the great thirst’ and describes the largest continuous sand area in the world. It’s an exceptionally beautiful semi-desert. In Namibia, it is characterized by red dunes, acacias, and golden grass. The diverse wildlife includes oryx, impalas, jackals, and cheetahs, not to mention the famous mongoose. In the three countries, the Kalahari is the last stronghold of the indigenous San people who lived as hunter-gatherers across southern Africa before the modern world began to take over.

Accommodation:Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia

Kalahari Anib Lodge is an oasis of greenery amidst the red dunes of the Kalahari. The restaurant and chalets are arranged around a shaded courtyard with a large swimming pool. 36 rooms with private verandas are available for tour groups. For individual travelers, there are 19 slightly separate rooms, overlooking the open savannah and with a separate pool. Located around 30 km northeast of Mariental, the lodge is a perfect stopover on the way south.

Hotel / Bed & Breakfast facilities: 24-hour Security Service, Bar, Nature-friendly establishment, Internet access (Free), Internet access (With extra charge), Laundry service (Available), GSM coverage, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking

Room amenities:Air-conditioning, Hair dryer, Additional heating, Laundry service (available), Mosquito net, Safe, Shower, Tea/coffee making facilities, Veranda
Hotel activities and services .

  • Morning or evening game drive
  • Morning excursion for families (guided)(Activity available only in the morning. Subject to availability. Prices available directly at the lodge.)
  • Hiking trails(A map of the trails is available at reception.)
  • Electric e-bike rides in the Kalahari(Autoguided, subject to availability)
  • Guided walk in the dunes(Booking only at the lodge)
  • Night walk and stargazing(Booking at the lodge only.)
  • Morning or sunset drive
  • Hiking trails(A trail map is available at reception.)

Transfer from Kalahari Anib Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia to Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia

Discover the fossilized dunes, the red dunes above the plateau and the many wonders of the Namib Desert on this guided walk through the Gondwana Namib Park.

Located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is famous for its location amid the iconic red dunes of the Namib. The clear blue sky contrasting with the towering dunes makes it one of Africa’s most picturesque natural wonders and a photographer’s paradise. Rising up to 400 metres, some of these “sand mountains” are among the highest in the world. In the morning and evening light, the dunes come alive with astonishing colors that attract photography enthusiasts from all over the world. Sossusvlei is home to a wide variety of desert fauna, including oryx, springbok, ostrich and various reptiles. This impressive destination is Namibia’s second most visited attraction.

Activities : Climb to “Big Daddy”, one of the highest dunes in Sossusvlei; explore its neighbouring Deadvlei,a dazzling white clay plateau dotted with ancient “camelthorn” trees; take to the skies on a panoramic flight over the Namib Sea of Sand or a hot-air balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast amidst the majestic dunes. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Accommodation: Namib Desert Lodge

The Namib Desert Lodge is located 60 km north of Sesriem on the C19 (Sossusvlei area).
Set below striking fossilized dunes, the comfortable lodge offers a spectacular experience of the ancient desert. 65 rooms, two pools and a watering hole are surrounded by sandy splendor. Breathe in the grandeur of a road at sunset and feel the earth beneath your feet. Relax in the arms of the Namib.

Hotel / Bed & Breakfast facilities: 24-hour Security Service, Bar, Nature-friendly establishment, Internet access (Free), Internet access (With extra charge), Laundry service (Available), GSM coverage, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking

Room amenities:Air-conditioning, Laundry service (Available), Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee, Veranda, Wheelchair Friend

Hotel activities and services .

  • Morning or sunset drive
  • Hiking trails
  • Night walk and stargazing(Booking at the lodge only.)
  • Excursion to Sossusvlei(reservation required)
  • Customized activity

Transfer from Namib Desert Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia to The Delight Swakopmund Gondwana Collection Namibia

In 1892, eight years after German South-West Africa was declared a German protectorate, Swakopmund was founded with the intention of building a port there. By 1907, a bustling little town had emerged from the desert! Swakopmund then boasted the largest European population of any German colony in Africa. For decades, the charming town, now much larger, has been more attractive than ever. The blend of Namibian influences and picturesque colonial-era buildings, palm-lined streets and seaside promenades, the relaxed holiday atmosphere, and the cool sea breeze make Swakopmund one of the country’s most charming destinations.

Despite the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep and the Namib Desert as its backyard, Swakopmund is not a tropical tanning paradise. The moderate climate along the coast is due to the cold Benguela current. The current also causes the night mists for which the town is famous, and which support the rich desert flora and fauna near the coast. Mornings and evenings can be cold all year round – a welcome respite from the inland heat.

Swakopmund has become the country’s adventure Mecca. The desert, dunes and ocean lend themselves to a host of exciting activities: surfing and sand skiing, quad biking, dune karting, beach angling and deep-sea fishing, to name but a few, not forgetting parachuting.

There’s no shortage of stores, bistros and restaurants. Small specialty stores sell handcrafted leather, art objects, hand-woven rugs, wall hangings, hand-embroidered bed and table linen and other items proudly made in Namibia. Superb jewelry, designed and crafted with local gemstones by master goldsmiths, is another Swakopmund specialty.

The Catamaran Charters team We invite you to board the 45-foot Royal Cape Silverwind sailing catamaran, the 60-foot Simon Silversand sailing catamaran, or the 40-foot Admiral Silvermoon motorized catamaran for an adventurous excursion to Pelican Point and the beautiful Walvis Bay. The opportunity to encounter dolphins, whales, turtles, seals, and Mola Mola (sunfish) makes this search for the ocean’s Big Five an exciting adventure, enhanced by sparkling wine, fresh oysters, and other delights on board the spacious and comfortable catamarans.
Activities other than sand and sea entertainment :Visit the art galleries and discover contemporary Namibian art and crafts; visit the museum to learn more about the history of Swakopmund; join one of the tours organized by Karakulia Weavers to discover how Karakul wool is spun and woven into wall hangings and carpets; admire the world’s largest collection of quartz crystals and many other mineral treasures at the Kristall Galerie.

Hébergement : Le Délice Swakopmund

The Delight Swakopmund is located on the corner of Theo-Ben Guriab Avenue and Nathaniel Maxuilili Street in Swakopmund.Amid the city’s captivating contrasts and ancient traditions, the Delight in Gondwana is a cool breeze in the desert. A refreshing, relaxing, modern, bright and airy establishment to uplift and inspire. Effortless and comfortable, with Gondwana’s typically warm and welcoming service and charm, your stay is always a memorable experience.

Hotel / Guest House Facilities: 24-hour Security Service, Tour Desk, Bar, Conference Center, Nature Friendly, Internet Access (Free), Internet Access (With Charge), Laundry Service (Available), Malaria Free, GSM Coverage, Secure Parking

Room amenities:Air-conditioning, Balcony / Terrace, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Power adapters, Private bathroom and toilet, Refrigerator, Hair dryer, Laundry service (Available), Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee, Television

Transfert depuis The Delight Swakopmund Gondwana Collection Namibia à Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia


This vast arid landscape is one of the most beautiful regions in Namibia. Wild, rugged, and exceptionally picturesque, it features open plains, ancient valleys, impressive mountains, and spectacular rock formations. In addition to Spitzkoppe and Brandberg, you will admire the Vingerklip (rock finger), a stack of rocks (35 meters high) in the Ugab Valley east of Khorixas, the former “capital of Damaraland”. To the west of the small town lies Twyfelfontein, a vast gallery of prehistoric rock engravings in the open air. The Petrified Forest, clusters of basalt columns called Organ Pipes, and the Burnt Mountain are located in the same area. Damaraland is also famous for its population of desert-adapted black rhinos, elephants, and lions, as well as a host of other wildlife species.

Twyfelfontein is a renowned World Heritage Site known for possessing one of the richest concentrations of rock art in Africa. Each year, thousands of tourists visit this site to admire approximately 2,500 rock engravings from the Stone Age. The region is home to 17 rock art sites, which collectively feature 212 engraved stone slabs. There are also 13 sites with rock paintings.
The Petrified Forest, located in the Kunene region, features petrified trees dating back 280 million years to the Permian period. This remarkable site offers guided tours along a marked trail to admire the trees encapsulated in stone, while interpretation panels explain its geological history. Visitors are urged to preserve this national monument, making it a unique destination for those interested in the ancient history of the Earth and geology. Its location in the arid desert near Damaraland also offers opportunities for wildlife viewing, including desert-adapted elephants and oryx.

Activities: Take part in guided nature walks, by car or on foot; follow the rhino trail with a guide; visit local communities and the Damara Living Museum.

Accommodation: Damara Mopane Lodge

Built in the wattle and daub style under the Mopane trees and linked by a labyrinth of paths, the lodge’s main building and chalets resemble an African village. The walls are adorned with copies of the rock engravings from Twyfelfontein. Each of the 60 double chalets (with air conditioning) has a vegetable and herb garden surrounded by a low wall. The gardens provide fresh ingredients for dinner, which consists of a starter followed by a delicious buffet. There is a swimming pool for relaxation and a viewpoint for enjoying the sunsets. The lodge at the gates of Damaraland is ideal for excursions to Twyfelfontein (130 km), the Petrified Forest (70 km), and the Vingerklip rock pillar (50 km).

Hotel / Bed and Breakfast facilities :24-hour Security Service, Bar, Nature-friendly establishment, Internet access (Free), Internet access (With extra charge), Laundry service (Available), GSM coverage, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking

Room amenities :Air-conditioning, Hair dryer, Internet access (Free), Internet access (Chargeable), Laundry service (Available), Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee, Veranda, Wheelchair Friendly

Hotel activities and services .

  • Activities in Damaraland
  • Sunset stroll
  • Hiking trails
  • Pièce sur mesure

Transfer from Damara Mopane Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia to Etosha Safari Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia.

Etosha National Park:

The Etosha National Park in central-north Namibia is world-renowned for its abundance of wildlife and first-class safari opportunities. The park is home to 114 mammal species including elephants, black rhinos, lions, and other large felines and predators, giraffes, various antelopes and zebras, as well as hundreds of bird and reptile species. The variety of vegetation ranges from dense bushes to open plains and semi-arid savannah grasslands. During the dry season and times of drought, animals flock to perennial water sources and artificial waterholes maintained throughout the park.

At the heart of the nature reserve, the Etosha Pan is a vast, shallow, 5,000-kilometer depression that can even be seen from space. The great expanse of salt is dry for most of the year, glistening in the sun. But after a good rainfall, it fills with water and attracts dozens of birds, particularly flamingos from the Walvis Bay lagoon on the Atlantic coast.
Etosha’s western boundaries are very different from its south-eastern and eastern parts. Even the characteristic white dust of the salt flats gives way to a reddish-brown soil. Etosha’s western hills are home to mountain zebras.

Safari dans le parc national d’Etosha

Explore the national park with our guides who know the watering holes and the animals that frequent them. Let them introduce you to African wildlife from the elevated seat of an animal viewing vehicle. Early morning or late afternoon offers the best times for wildlife viewing. And, after the enchantment of Etosha, return to the lodge to plunge into the cool waters of the pools. Dine on the veranda under a dome of stars, sit beside a roaring fire, or watch the ruby sun gracefully sink into the landscape. Be at peace. Explore the national park and its incredible wildlife in a 9-seater animal viewing vehicle. Refreshments, snacks, park entrance fees, and passenger liability insurance are included.
Safaris in specially designed vehicles are organized with a retractable roof and large opening windows to maximize photographic opportunities.

Depending on the time of year, these safaris take different routes, but are most often concentrated around waterholes where you’re most likely to spot a variety of wild animals coming to drink and swim.

AccommodationEtosha Safari Lodge

TheEtosha Safari Lodge s located 10 kmsouth of Andersson Gate on the C38 (Etosha National Park), where you can enjoy a drink while watching the ruby sun dip into the Mopane Forest. Perched on a hillside with breathtaking views, this elegant lodge offers 65 chalets that provide a peaceful base for exploring the animal bounty of Etosha National Park.

A shuttle service operates between Windhoek and Etosha Safari Lodge and Camp (on request).

Hotel / Guestroom facilities:24-hour security service, Bar, Nature-friendly establishment, Internet access (Free), Internet access (Paying), Laundry service (Available), GSM coverage, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking

Room amenities:Air conditioning, Hair dryer, Laundry service (Available), Mosquito net, Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee facilities, Veranda

Hotel activities and services .

  • Day trip (game drive) to Etosha
  • Half-day excursion (game drive) to Etosha
  • Etosha tour in VW Combi((Guide on request, extra charge)

Transfer from Etosha Safari Lodge Gondwana Collection Namibia to Okapuka Safari Lodge

Greater Windhoek and surroundings Windhoek,

the vibrant capital of central Namibia, is surrounded by magnificent mountains, fertile farmland and luxurious guesthouses and farms. The landscape of the greater Windhoek area is characterized by rocky hills, wide valleys, thick scrub and golden savannahs. Olives, potatoes and dates are grown in the drier eastern part, while the west is home to the rolling hills of the Khomas Hochland mountains and their epic views along a number of scenic passes leading to the high plateau, such as Bosua Pass, Gamsberg Pass and Spreetshoogte Pass.

Activities: Explore dry riverbeds and vast scrublands, admire birds, track leopards and discover the rich wildlife of the northern region.

Experience a real Namibian sunset with a delicious drink in hand. This outing lets you forget the rest of the world and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of nature. Approx. 2.5 hours, drinks and snacks included.

This activity can also be booked by guests who are not staying overnight at the lodge, but only with prior reservation and in conjunction with an à la carte dinner booking.

Accommodation: Okapuka Safari Lodge

Located 30 kilometers north of Windhoek, Okapuka Ranch is surrounded by bush. The accommodation comprises 18 thatched rooms on the edge of the park. Equipped with bathroom/toilet, telephone, coffee maker, fridge-bar and open terrace, the rooms offer absolute comfort and convenience. The lodge features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and wildlife-watching opportunities. Restaurant Park offers a variety of specialties, from unusual local game dishes to creative starters and naughty desserts. The cosy candlelit atmosphere is enhanced by the open fireplace and the dreamlike view of antelopes grazing peacefully. Bar Hyena offers a noble range of ancient sherries, divine eaux-de-vie and selected wines.

Hotel / Bed and Breakfast amenities :24-hour Security Service, Tour Desk, Bar, Table d’hôte Dining, Nature Friendly, Internet Access (Free), Laundry Service (Available), GSM Coverage, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking

Room amenities :Air-conditioning, Electric adaptors, Private bathroom and toilet, Hair dryer, Laundry service (Available), Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee, Veranda

Hotel activities and services .

  • sunset safari by car

Transfer from Okapuka Safari Lodge to Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH]


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